The web of life

The name says it all.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


E.O Wilson seems to have walked the talk and the result can be seen @ The Encyclopedia of Life.. Our tool will try and work with this repository and create the webs of life that every child should know by heart.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Why ?

Humans have moved away from their ecological roots with technology and
urbanization. The current education system is a reflection of what
humans consider appropriate knowledge to transfer to the generation to
come. This unfortunately has focused our curriculum on the 3R's at
primary and secondary stage and more aracane sciences or economics in
the high school stage. Nowhere in todays system is place for children to
understand the intricate web of life of which we are a small part. The
food chain, the effects of indistrialization on humans are never
mentioned or treated superficially.

The earth is 6 billion years old and needs no saving. We need to save
ourselves and the only way to do so is for children to have a deep
connection with their enviroment and ecology. This can only come if the
relationships that govern our planet and its food webs are clearly
captured and the knowledge transfered to succeding generations. Already
we are facing climate change, food insecurity, desertification of
farmland, destruction of forestland and many other threats that could
well be a consequence of our ignorance.

Connections is a tool that will be hosted on this site with the simple
purpose of capturing all food chains, inter and intra species
interations etc. The object is to drill each vertical into its
constituent dependant species and go right down to the nutrients,
minerals and geology that makes the chain possible. The chains can be
simple to start with and fringe actors can be added to the chain as the
knowledge base expands. For instance the importance of earth worms for
rice production is not a direct causative but of vital importance.

Lets make this happen

Shiv : 16th Aug 2006